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Coal Resources

The United States currently develops its energy from 51% coal fired plants.  Over the next decade, the Electric Power Research Institute predicts the United States coal energy supply to increase to 58%.  Although renewal resources will take a role in our future, coal supply and natural gas will serve as our energy security and dependence from foreign oil.  Without the use of coal, the United States would not have a sufficient power supply to our energy demand. 


As demand for electricity has increased, demand for coal to generate will rise increasing coal production.  Production from the central Appalachia is geographically advantageous to new power plants that are projected to be constructed in the southeastern United States. 
MEADE GUNNELL provides Mining Engineering and Geographic Information Systems services to the coal industry.
Eastern United States Power Plants powered by Kentucky Coal
Eastern United States Power Plants

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The notable improvements in the mining industry is underground control improvements and larger surface mines.  From1983 through 2003 these types of improvemetns have included:

·          Bigger and stronger longwall face coal belt conveyors

·         Conversion to belt conveyors to move coal out of underground mines

·         Better roof bolting equipment including combination continuous-miner/bolters

·          More powerful and durable longwall cutting bits

·          Better sensors for and automation of longwall roof shields

·         More powerful and more durable electric drive motors used in many applications

·         Continuous scale-up of haul trucks, loaders, and excavators for surface mining

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Natural Resources
The strength of our country is supported by the abundance of natural resources.  The Appalachian Mountains contains a vast quantity of reserves in coal and natural gas as displayed to the right.  We depend greatly on our natural gas and coal for our power supply needs.  MEADE GUNNELL can assist energy companies with the exploration and development of coal mining and natural gas fields. 
Although the cost of electricity is important, nevertheless, the location of each power source is equally important for the delivery of the power supply to the population.  Coal fired and natural gas plants are the most versatile of all energy sources and can be placed in many locations.

Electricity Production Costs


Energy Source             ¢/Kw-Hr

Nuclear                        1.76

Coal                            2.47

Gas                              6.78

Petro.                           10.26


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